Happy 12th Birthday Charlie!

I know you will miss 11, just like every year the night before your birthday you cry because you will miss the last year and crying being excited for the new year! So proud of you Charlie trying so hard. YOU CAN DO IT! Love, Mom

He Hears Me! He Loves Me!

good morning god
I opened my eyes, sat up in my bed and opened up my devotional book. This is what I read (excerpt from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young):

DRAW NEAR TO ME with a thankful heart, aware that your cup is overflowing with blessings. Gratitude enables you to perceive Me more clearly and to rejoice in our Love-relationship. Nothing can separate you from My loving Presence! That is the basis of your security. Whenever you start to feel anxious, remind yourself that your security rest in Me alone, and I am totally trustworthy.

You will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in My control. Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyle, seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth. I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to old ways. I am always doing something new within My beloved ones. Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you.

Being grateful brings me more clarity about Christ. WOW! When I focus on the things that I am grateful for and not focusing on the negative I feel Christ’s love and peace. Easier said than done, I know. Every time I spend time in God’s Word I feel gratitude and I feel secure and loved.

My security is knowing that nothing I do, nothing I say, can separate me from Christ’s love for me. WOW! He loves me no matter what… amazing and humbling.

Christ is trustworthy at all times. WOW! That is hard to grasp, because most of us in our lives at one time or another has been disappointed by someone not being trustworthy so we are scared to fully trust.

Even though I try to have control in my life circumstances or think I have control, I DO NOT! Only Christ is in control of my life. Christ wants me to rely and trust in Him instead of things. He has our best interests at heart. He yearns for us to spend time with Him and read His Word. He wants our focus to be on Him instead of worrying about our life here on earth.

As a parent of a child with unique needs these words are so comforting and encouraging. God is there for me no matter what. He is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. He is better than a drive through and there is never any waiting for Him to listen.

He hears my cries when my son is screaming and I don’t know what is wrong.

He hears my cries when financially I am not sure how bills will get paid.

He hears my cries when other people judge my parenting skills.

He hears me when I thank him for each new day.



Matthew 11:28-29

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and You shall find rest for your souls.

–Patty Myers

Progress – Looking Back

good work sticker
My Charlie yesterday was recognized at his school (of which I am the Director also) for how hard he has worked. I think as parents of kids with unique needs there are so many things we are tackling daily all at once. Once something is mastered that has taken months or years, you are already working on the other things. Sometimes I start, stop, start, stop with different skills. It can be exhausting and it can be such a blessing. I know when I looked at his standardized testing results this week it was tough. Another reminder for me that he is not where his peers are, but instead of dwelling on this I have to think how far he has come and accomplished. This last year especially he is expressing more about what it feels like to struggle with these different things or what it felt like years ago when he wasn’t able to express it as much. I want my son to be proud of who he is, proud of how far he has come. I am so blessed to be his mommy:) I love you Charlie, Mom

April is Autism Awareness Month

Do you know someone who has autism? Do you have a friend who has a child with autism? Do you have a relative with autism? Do you go to school with someone who has autism?

Chances are the answer to most of those questions is yes.

Autism is so vast in its definition and so broad. You can have 10 kids together all having autism and it all looks very different.

The important thing I want to share is to not see a label, a diagnosis. I want you to see my son and all his unique differences. Don’t we all have differences? I choose to look at his with pride and joy.

I love using people first language too with Charlie. I never say he is autistic. He is a person first with unique qualities that sometimes challenge him and other times make people marvel at what he knows and can express now. I tell people sometimes that he HAS autism, especially when we get strange looks or comments that are negative just to help give a quick swift explanation that people can understand and be sensitive too. Yes he looks down sometimes when you are talking to him. Yes he says how bored he is VERY LOUDLY during quiet moments. Yes he walks on his toes. Yes he cries and covers his ears when he hears loud noises or hears Bart Simpson anywhere. Yes he breaks out in a sweat instantly and flushed face when hearing his voice or seeing his pictures on video. IMG_6246_face0.jpg

This is my boy and I admire him so much. He works so hard. He really tries so hard to pull it together when the world is so challenging for him. He is my inspiration and joy. I love you Charlie!


My Son Met The Man

Tom Bergeron smaller photoCharlie loves to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos. He will play the same ones over and over again. Sometimes we have to tell him find another clip because he will watch it on his iPad and rewind over and over on the same part. He has done this for years.
Well, we were invited to go to the taping of the Grand Spectacular Show at Disney World. When we told Charlie he started to cry. We asked him what was wrong and he said he was nervous and scared to meet Tom Bergeron. I told him “no big deal” (that is our phrase when he says he is nervous or worried).
They day came, well I should say night. The taping was from 11:30pm -3:30am. We had to stand the whole time. We were blessed to be in the VIP section, the front row of the audience! WOW!
They gave us all these special mickey ears that light up. No one in Orlando has them yet.
We waited and then all of a sudden there he was walking up right beside us. Charlie turned and looked at me with the biggest smile:) He was so happy!
We taped for about 2 hours or so and then they had the grand finale choosing the winner and then all of a sudden all this Disney confetti and streamers came out all over the stage and they played “Celebration”. It was so much fun!
We were about to leave and were asked if we wanted pictures with Tom Bergeron. Uhhh, YES!
Charlie and his sister Chelsea went over to Tom and got several pictures. Charlie said, “Tom Bergeron it was very nice to meet you!” He smiled and said, “it was great to meet you too”.
We were leaving the park at about 4:00am and Charlie said, “Mom meeting Tom Bergeron was one of the highlights of my whole life!”

The episode will air on May 19, 2013.  Check it out and look for Charlie!