Obedience to Christ

fix your thoughts

Are you being challenged to be obedient?
Do you care if you are obedient?

It matters.
It is important.

Do you try hard?
Are you serving or being selfish?

Do you judge others or are you concerned with your own walk with Christ?

There is a very fine line between keeping people accountable and encouraging them in their walk and then just purely standing back and judging, which one are you?

Christ wants us to focus on our own walks, on our own accountability before we focus on others.

These thoughts and beliefs are what has gotten me to get through some serious struggles. I focus on Christ and not what others say or do. I focus on Him only, if I keep doing that I will always be great. His ways are perfect, not mans. I can’t wait to see Him face to face and hear, “Great job Patty! Way to be obedient! I am so proud of how you stayed to your convictions and commitments no matter what others said.” That is what will matter the most what Christ says to me. I hope that is the same for you.


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