Charlie’s Insights

Charlie: Mommy I think I am getting a mustache.
Me: What?!
Charlie: I think it is time to shave. It is early for me to be so mature, huh mommy?
Me: I guess it is. You will be 13 soon though. I love you son!

Thank You Mommy!
Charlie: Mommy I want to give you a hug.
Me: What is this for?
Charlie: Because you helped me so much.
Me: How have I helped you?
Charlie: You helped my autism level be on the low level. Remember when I would just scream all the time? Yeah it was hard for you wasn’t it? I will never leave you mommy. Thank you mommy thank you!

We Work Together!
Charlie: you are a great mom
Me: why is that
Charlie: because you help me with my behaviors. We work hard together don’t we mommy

Don’t Worry Mommy!
Charlie: Don’t worry mommy, you won’t miss 11. (referring to his last night being 11)
Me: But it was such a great year. You worked so hard. Learned to ride a bike even!
Charlie: I know mommy, but 12 will be great too!