About Patty

Patty is a mom to 2 children, Chelsea and Charlie. She graduated in 1990 with her Bachelor’s in Psychology from King College. She also is a Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. She is currently the Principal of a Private Christian Special Needs School in Orlando, FL.

Her son Charlie was diagnosed with autism just before he turned 3. She is currently on the Orange County ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Roundtable Committee to represent private schools and give feedback on improving services for students with disabilities in her community.

Patty is very involved in the special needs community and also volunteers her time educating parents and helping them with their IEP’S (Individual Education Plans). She has a real passion for educating students about different disabilities. Patty has teamed up with her friend and they have created different disability awareness boards that teach students about what it may feel like to have a disability. They are hands on boards that let the students experience just a little bit what it may feel like to have a disability or challenge. In 2009, Patty was honored by Family Network on Disabilities and received the HEART Award for advocating for fellow Floridians with disabilities.

autism_blessing_book-editedPatty is the Assistant Principal of The First Hope, a special needs school that is part of The First Academy/First Baptist Church Orlando. Patty’s most proud of having her first book published called: Autism Is A Blessing. She has been on radio, television and has been interviewed by various organizations to help promote her book and talk about her journey with autism. Patty’s book was also placed in the Florida Governors’ Mansion Library. She has also been the keynote speaker at an Autism Fundraiser (FACES). She loves to share how autism has blessed her life and how it has changed her and all that her son has taught her.