Archives for May 7, 2016

Being a Mother


I am honored that God blessed me and let me become a mother. There was a time just a year after I got married that I thought God was going to have a different plan after my husband had cancer and it was likely that we wouldn’t be able to have our own natural children. Well in October 1994, I found out I was pregnant! What a blessing that was. Chelsea came into this world. 6 years later came Charlie. I love my children and feel so blessed to be their mom.

I can tell my children I have been faithful. I have been obedient. I have honored my marriage vows. I have loved your father and have given much grace. I have tried really hard. I am not the world’s greatest mom, but I can say I have loved my children and provided for them, keeping them safe. The constant theme though keeping me strong and courageous is our Lord. He has guided me, carried me, and steered me in the right direction. I love our Lord and will continue to strive to be a great mother no matter how old you 2 get.

I love you,