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Never Give Up

I will never give up on anything in my life. I don’t care how others may judge me, what they think I should or shouldn’t do. All I care about is what Christ wants me to do. I can not measure up to others expectations and I don’t want to. I know who I can rely on to be my friend and love me unconditionally… That is Christ. He carries me each day and I know He is proud  of my strength and obedience to Him. That is all that matters, I never give up. Bring it on!

Patty 😃


My Boy Working Hard   

There was a time that he couldn’t sit still and do a worksheet without running around the room or under tables. No more covering his ears in class. He goes to the bathroom on his own. He reads books on his own and can understand most things in them. I am so proud of how far he has come and can’t wait to see how far he will go! 



I love my son


Peace On The Beach 

Happy Birthday to me:)  


  Making A Difference

  Charlie has had many therapists, teachers, behavior analysts, speech and occupational therapists that have helped along the way. We are blessed to have had each one to help Charlie!