Archives for February 2016

Truth and Love Bring Strength


God continues to show me His truth and His strength. Man’s strength is fleeting, and man may not be truthful at all times. God is perfect and shows us truth and love consistently. I am grateful I have Him to rely on 24 hours a day, all year-long. He never waivers, He never judges, He never judges, He ALWAYS loves. I rely and focus totally on Him and all the pain, suffering, judgement, and weakness all become nothing. Thank you Lord for never giving up on me, for continuing to help me to be faithful, truthful and full of love. You are the only one that really knows my heart. YOU are my biggest blessing. Thank you Lord.

I’m Only Listening to Christ


Many people have their opinions and comments about your own life, but I am only listening to Christ. I am only listening to truth. I am only trusting in Him. He will not fail me. He will always be truthful. He will always love me. I am so loved and valued. I am obedient. I am faithful. I am a respected mother. I have no regrets. I am focusing on my family (my husband and kids). I know when I get to meet Christ he will be proud of my obedience and fighting for Him. I am not perfect, but I do love Him and without Him nothing is possible. I am only listening to Christ.