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Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving beach

God Is So Good To Me

God is so good to me

It is the eve of another Thanksgiving… as usual I am cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow.
I think of all the families out there that are struggling with even shelter let alone food. I am grateful for what God continues to provide for me and my family. I never take that for granted. I know I am loved completely, totally, unconditionally by God and also grateful for all the people in my life that give me love and support daily. My journey in life has had its true challenges but God has bigger plans for me than I realize. He continues to sharpen and mold me. I will continue to be faithful, truthful, honorable, and obedient. I know you will honor that Lord. You give me blessings every single day. I need to look and serve others more so I can see that clearly more each day. Lord you are so good to me. You carry me when I cannot walk. You listen to my cries. You hold me in your arms. Thank you Lord for always loving me.