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Blessed To Be So Loved By You Lord💗


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Needs of Others Always Come First

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Weary Can Be A Blessing Too!

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I realized this past week that feeling weary can actually be a blessing.

A blessing to feel exhausted, spent, tired, or overwhelmed? Yes.

When we go through any trials, weary can be one, we grow through them. That is if you allow the growth to occur. Struggles can be so wasted if you don’t learn from them and through them.

I got some much-needed rest by the beach this past week and realized that my weariness is usually because I am trying so hard at so many things all at once… rest reminds me to slow down and make some boundaries.

Thank you Lord for showing me everyday how much you love me and reminding me to slow down. You have got it all, even though I try really hard too.


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