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You are redeemed!




Today Was A Great News Day




Do you have confidence? What is your confidence in? Is it in your kids, your spouse, your work? The only true confidence is in Christ. Confidence in His perfect love, in His safety, in His care.

Rest in Him,


Change can be good, but scary at times. It is exciting when you move to another state. Packing up your house and moving across the country can be stressful, but it can also be an exciting journey. I am looking forward to making big changes and having peace. It is so close:) praying for peace with all he changes.

What changes do you have? Enjoy them as they come.


Feeling peace can be different for many people. Some feel peace with noise around, some may need complete silence. My favorite surroundings to feel peace is at the beach. Ahhh! Hearing the waves crash, smelling the salt, and feeling the sunshine gives me peace. BUT, true peace only comes from Christ. Satan is always trying to destroy peace, don’t allow that. Jesus is Lord of all and will give you peace. Go to Him, spend time with Him.

Medical crisis or scares of medical problems can upset your peace. I am learning a lot about this. I will continue to trust and rely on Him to take care of me.


Summer Is Fading


Summer is fading fast, but the good news is Fall is around the corner. Florida hardly has season changes, besides it getting a little cooler. I love the sun here and the beautiful clouds. Sharing bike rides while the sun goes down together with my husband is the best! Spending time with your family is priceless, but spending time with Jesus brings eternal hope:)


He Will Come by Mandisa

We Were Made To Thrive by Casting Crowns