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Progress – Looking Back

good work sticker
My Charlie yesterday was recognized at his school (of which I am the Director also) for how hard he has worked. I think as parents of kids with unique needs there are so many things we are tackling daily all at once. Once something is mastered that has taken months or years, you are already working on the other things. Sometimes I start, stop, start, stop with different skills. It can be exhausting and it can be such a blessing. I know when I looked at his standardized testing results this week it was tough. Another reminder for me that he is not where his peers are, but instead of dwelling on this I have to think how far he has come and accomplished. This last year especially he is expressing more about what it feels like to struggle with these different things or what it felt like years ago when he wasn’t able to express it as much. I want my son to be proud of who he is, proud of how far he has come. I am so blessed to be his mommy:) I love you Charlie, Mom